About Us

Kailash Vahan Udyog Limited (KVUL) was established in Pune in 1986. It subsequently established its plants on Bangalore and Chennai in 1994 and 2013 respectively. To cater to the need of central India, KVUL has a license agreement with Shivam Motors, Bilaspur for manufacturing of tip trailers and other special applications.

Highly specialized personnel enables systematic planning, smooth execution and optimal use of equipment, resulting in exceptional production and organizational results. The factory area of all plants is : 1,62,000 sq.m. and building : 46,500 sq.m. approximately.





Know-how never comes from improvisation. It origins from experience which matures year after year, while working in close contact with customers, looking for new solutions with determination and enthusiasm and constantly improving what appears already excellent. KVUL has developed expertise and unique knowledge of solving the problems in building industry, enabling it to progressively supply reliable high-quality products to the end users.

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